Wednesday, October 06, 2004

In the Beginning...

Marty and Laura get Married (1993)

Well, not exactly "the beginning."

Since much of my spare time and extra effort over the past few weeks and months has been going toward preparing a presentation about my story, I have a lot of great material to share. But first, I have to give credit where credit is due.

When I met my wife twelve years ago, I had not spent a lot of time thinking about being adopted. Of course there were times in my life when I would have thoughts and daydreams about what my natural parents might have been like or when I would be curious if, per chance, I had any brothers or sisters out there. But it was never a pressing issue to consume a lot of my time and thought.

I have always had a family- my parents that raised me, my sister, the grandparents and cousins... They were my strength and I was a part of them. That balanced out any curiosity that may have been in the back of my head.

However, for Laura, that answer didn't satisfy HER curiosity. Thus, she would ask me many, many times in the first several years of our marraige if I ever thought about finding my parents. she just couldn't understand how I could go through life NOT knowing. And thankfully, she was never satisfied with my standard answer.

Though I probably would have eventually searched, she was the catalyst that got me thinking about learning more about myself and where I came from. Plus she gave me something that really helped me get started on this journey of self discovery- two wonderful children. More on that later.

So thank you to my wonderful wife- Laura Catherine Johnson. You are definitely the best part of me and and I will always love you!