Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I've Been Inspired

I've recently read an article this morning about a woman in West Virginia who met her African family in Sierra Leone whose story is remarkably similar to mine. (I'll find it on the net and link to it soon.) She is doing something wonderful for her family that has inspired me.

First, I have been dealing with some major challenges in my life and have made the mistake of losing touch with my family for a while. That ends today.

I have also stopped writing about the greatness that is my family- my adoptive family, and both sides of my biological family. That too ends today.

Finally- I have always wanted to do something great in my life, and over the past two years have had this great idea in the back of my mind about how to affect peoples lives in a positive way. It involves the school in my fathers village that was founded by my grandfather. I'll get into more details about this later.

But just in case you are reading this and wondering, "where the heck has he been?" It really doesn't matter. I'm moving forward with my life now!