Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bumped Again...

I had stopped blogging for quite a while about my life journey from Foster home, to an adoptee growing up in Omaha, to meeting my biological mother, to discovering my father in Nigeria.

This had been, in part, due to my lack of time to devote to this endeavor, but also out of repect for my new friend Jason at GQ Magazine who has been putting a lot of effort into a story about my trip to Africa to meet my family there for the first time.

The article was to come out in the February issue of 2005 (which is hitting the stands in 11 days.) However, as of today, I was informed that the article has been bumped again- to the May 2005 issue. This is the third (or maybe second, or maybe fourth) time that I've been pushed back. It's very frustrating, because I have been constantly getting questions from friends and family asking me when the article is coming out.

So why is it that it keeps getting moved back? Jason explains:

I wish I could give you a great reason this time but it's really the most basic reason: space. We didn't have enough pages to do it properly and justify the length of the story and the article. It's not - and I have assurances from everyone here on this - at all a reflection on their interest in the piece, which remains unquestionably high.

This is extremely frustrating. But Jason is stil a really a cool guy and I know he is doing his best to get this in the magazine. I just won't tell any more of my family and friends about it until it is actually on the stands.