Wednesday, April 20, 2005


We have finally got the word that GQ Magazine is finally going to publish the story. Everybody in my family has been getting calls from a "fact checker" to make sure the details of the story that Jason is writing is accurate.

It will be out in the June issue, coming to a newstand near you in late May. It'll be a huge seller. You might want to get your subscription early! :)

Maybe now I can begin to keep this blog up-to-date on the story without feeling guilty of giving it all away. From this point on, I will do a better job of keeping this log updated.

By the way- did I tell you that my father came to Minnesota? I didn't???!!!

Man, do I have some catching up to do.

Update: I'm still trying to guess who will be on the cover when my story gets published. Obviously, it won't be Jessica Alba, eh? Done that!

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