Saturday, July 02, 2005

Why They Call Me "Marty"

I went back through the comments section of some of my old posts today and found this great note from my mother on how I got the name Marty:

Dear Martin,

When I was pregnant with you I had already named you Martin after St Martin De Porres. John knew I picked that name and so did my Mom, Dad and 2 sisters who knew about my pregnancy.

I called you Martin throughout my pregnancy in letters I wrote to family and some close friends who knew about you. My Mom saved all my letters and I just looked at one from December 1963.

I wrote that at one of my exams "they found Martin's heartbeat." I was so sure you were going to be a boy. It absolutely never occured to me you wouldn't be a boy.

When I wrote to John about finding you I used the name Martin because I knew he would know what I was talking about. I don't know if he ever saw the letter I wrote to him after I found you. When you were born I added John's name to your name. That is how you became John Martin O'Connor.

When I found you again it meant a lot to me you still had the name I called you while I was able to be your mother- those 9 months before you were born.

Mom O'Connor Wang
And I'm glad that you are getting a chance to call me anything! Thanks for finding me!

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