Thursday, June 30, 2005

Marty's Big Journey featured in In Touch Weeky

Marty's Big Journey is featured in In Touch Weekly

For those of you following the story of me finding and meeting my family, the latest media coverage comes from In Touch Weekly Magazine. They didn't really interview me or anyone in my family for this story although they did call and ask me to clarify some of the facts. I haven't seen the article yet but I know most of their story is from prior coverage in GQ Magazine, ABC's Good Morning America, and the Associated Press stories that are already out there.

I am glad they called me though- I got the opportunity to make some corrections that the AP and GMA stories had wrong. (GMA fixed some of those on their site.)

I'll have more on this later once I get a chance to read it.

One funny, ironic thing- I had to laugh when I saw Jennifer Anniston on the cover. Remember who was on the cover of GQ?

First Brad. Now Jennifer.

UPDATE: 07/01/2005: I just read the In Touch Weekly article and it is pretty much what I expected. I think that they made it sound a little too much like I went from rags to riches, which is not the case- we live a comfortable life here in Eagan, MN- nothing extravagant by any means, but not in the dumps either.

They also give the impression that I am moving and planning on "building a new life in Nigeria." let me just say that I plan on continuing to establish and strengthen my ties to my family and Nigeria- hopefully making regular trips there when I can afford it. As far as ever moving there, I can never say never, but it is not likely anytime in the immediate future. But I would certainly like to go there as often as I can.

I'll post the article as written this weekend. I'll probably throw in a little commentary here and there too.

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