Sunday, May 22, 2005

How Does It Feel?

More on reading about yourself in a magazine...

I have read the article in its entirety about three times and each time it brings back so many of the emotions that I had when I was in Nigeria. I laugh, I cry, I do a little dance...

Jason did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of my journey home. But I do have a lot more to tell. There was so much to this story and to this trip that it just wouldn't all fit in a magazine. Laura has been writing a book about it, and I plan to add a lot more here.

One question that people who have already read the story keep asking (after they congratulate me and my family)- "How does it feel?"

A little like this:

Like getting hit by Mike Tyson in his prime. (But in a good way!)

Let's just say that I've spent the last few days in a fog. But now, I think I'm ready to work toward the next goal- getting my business back in order and my family to Nigeria.

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