Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Reading About Your Life in a Magazine

I just read the article in GQ Magazine about my adoption reunion story and I am a bit overwhelmed.

I'd like to thank Jason Gay (Senior Editor, GQ Magazine), Mark Seliger (Condenast Photographer for GQ and Vanity Fair) and of course Luke (Mark's former assistant who traveled to Nigeria with us) for taking an interest in my story and putting together such a beautiful piece.

Jason, Luke, and Mark join the family.
(I'm glad you took this one Mark!)

I'll get back to writing soon.

NOTE: Reading the story online doesn't really do the scope of the article justice. Next time you're at the store, pick-up the current issue of GQ and see the photos in their full glory. Heck- BUY a copy. Brad Pitt is on the cover!

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