Friday, May 13, 2005

Sharing the Spotlight

Does anybody think THIS issue will sell?

In five days Brad Pitt will be sharing space in a major magazine with yours truly. If you are walking by a newsstand and see this magazine- pick it up and look for the pictures of my amazing family. Oh- there might be a little story about us in there too.

I mean, sure, Brad as been with her and is now hanging out with her, but he doesn't have this:

Pride and joy.

Or this:

Dinner with my mom and my mother.

Or this:

My Irish half.

Or this:

My African half. Photo courtesy of Mark Seliger

Or this:

My best half.

You see Brad Pitt may date, marry, divorce, and date more Hollywood starlets and make $20,000,000 per film, but I am truly rich.

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