Friday, May 27, 2005


Wow- I've always wanted to write that. Great news- My mother, my wife, and I have just been booked to appear on Good Morning America! on Thursday, June 2, but that is good news for reasons that may not be apparent.

They are bringing us on to talk about my big journey that you can find here in the current issue of GQ Magazine. That's cool and all, but here are a few reasons that I am really phsyched:

  • I finally will have a chance to meet some of my Nigerian relatives that live in New York City (Bronx). My Aunty Christy was the first person that I spoke with when my Nigerian family heard from me. I can't wait to meet her.
  • I will finally meet my Uncle John, my mother's brother. I met most of my aunts and uncles on my mother's side when I attended my grandfather's 90th birthday back in 2001, but unfortunatly John couldn't make it. I have been waiting to meet him ever since. I'll see Uncle Chris while I'm there too. My mother says that he and I have the same smile.
  • Jason, the editor who wrote the story, always tells me that he plays basketball all the time, so hopefully I'll get a chance to get him in a gym and give him a little lesson.... (heh, heh)
  • Last, but definitely not least, my daughter Aly will get to meet Diane Sawyer. You see, my daughter is an anchor/reporter for the Rahn (Elementary School) TV News, her school's daily morning newscast for the students. I asked her one time, who she would most like to be like on TV- she said Diane Sawyer. ("I love Diane Sawyer. She's the best. I want to be just like her.") Maybe she'll even get to interview Diane for her schools broadcast. (O.K. That's a stretch, but...)
Oh yeah- I suppose going to New York will be cool too. I haven't been there since 1986. Jason says it's much safer now.

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